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Sub Zero General Manager Resigns – Mylene LeShelle

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on November 10, 2008

I’m not even sure where to begin with this post. For the older (and some newer) Sub Zero Crew and guests, Mylene LeShelle has been our General Manager for quite some time. Due to her real life work which has been carrying her to Berlin for countless weeks and hours, she has stilll been trying to help remotely and support. Due to her real life, she made the decision tonight to step down from her General Manager position at Sub Zero.

I have had the honor to know this amazing woman for a long time. She is a statue of honor. A rock in a hard place. A true Diplomat. And a fighter. She’s always had our back, and we have always had hers. Not cause of only friendship. But because she never did Sub Zero wrong. She’s intelligent. She took hard stances when needed. She made hard decisions and calls, and she did it with the most amazing grace I have ever seen. She took this job by the reigns and she was pure class. And she’s done this in her non-native language. And with little thanks and payment.

Often I wish I could be half the amazing person she is. I am so proud of her, and I am so heartbroken at the same time, as tears stream down my face.

Sub Zero Management is often under-appreciated, as most Second Life clubs and online radio stations.

Mylene – On Behalf of Sub Zero in Second Life and Sub Zero Radio – We thank you for your service. We are so proud you will stay a member of our Host Team.

We thank you for your countless hours you have spent working on our documentation, scheduling, conflict resolution, training, DJ’ing, Hosting, translation, and your thankless contributions. We also thank you for the shit you have put up with, the wars won, the drama which never ends, and the multitude of various other tasks you did and I can’t even begin to name to count.

And I know our thanks is never enough, but I hope it comes close as it is from our hearts.

May you exceed in your Real Life. May you climb every mountain. May you win every war and shine like the stars above. May we always be considered friends and sisters. May you always have a home on our shores.


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