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And now onto the good news – Hydrogen!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on April 7, 2009

A new club will be emerging in Second Life called Hydrogen. Formed by Damon Dollinger and several of the Ex Sub Zero Crew, they hope to bring a new music experience to Second Life.

Hydrogen specialises in industrial, EBM, aggrotech, electronic, electroclash, goth and the like. The club is music driven above all.

We hope you will all enjoy, and extend to them the same love and courtesy you extended to Sub Zero all of these years! I know I can’t wait for their grand opening!


Sub Zero also endorses the longest running Industrial Club of all time – Club Industry! Special thanks goes out to Aaron Connell and Osiloa Jorgensen and their Management Team for all of their support to Sub Zero over the years. Please be sure to visit them often, as I know many of you already do!



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Sub Zero Closes Her Hatches

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on April 6, 2009

To my dearest friends, staff, and management,

It is with a heavy heart, and also extremely turbulent emotions, that the decision has been made to close Sub Zero.

For those who know me better than most, you do not need my words in order for you to know how hard of a decision this is for me to make. Sub Zero has always been, and always will be, my one and only love in Second Life. This is a very difficult notice for me to write, so I beg you to bear with me.

We have had an impressive and strong three years of existance.

We have given amazing memories, experiences, and music to our guests.

We have always held the line, even when traumatic situations gave us such strong reasons to run.

We made a following. We made a mark.

For three years, myself and Dexter have given more of ourselves into Sub Zero than one could have ever thought possible. We gave up parts of our beings, for the entertainment and enjoyment of those with us in Second Life.

And this was NEVER done alone. This was also by the amazing support, dedication, and tenacity of our management crew. Our current, and also our past.

This also would have never been possible without the Sub Zero Staff Crew. There are those who have been with us since the start, and I am continously amazed that they stuck by us this long. Through change, through uncertainty, they remained. They supported. They put their faith in me, and also in Dexter, to make the right decisions, even though they might have been viewed unpopularly. It is extremely difficult in Second Life to make pure business decisions, even when it is a decision which tears at your heartstings. People are easily attached in Second Life. Friendships are formed, relationships are forged, and even sometimes true love. However, as a business owner, the business always has to come first. Otherwise, you cannot survive. It is a very difficult, and tiring, position to be in.

You are guaranteed to lose friends. You are guaranteed to be involved in mud throwing, dramatics, and true emotions, and you are expected to remove yourself from them. Hold the line. You have to, or the club will fail.
And as a music club owner in Second Life, the only thing you will get in return is, sometimes, a thank you from a guest. A simple line from someone, that they had the most amazing time in the place you created.

Such simple words, rarely said, did have an impact. They are what kept us going.  And to our loyal guests and friends, Sub Zero would never have been successful without you. No matter who is on our management team, no matter what events, contests, or other variety we brought, it was only a small stone in a waterfall. Our guests were the current.
And from the bottom of my heart, I personally thank each and every one of you. From our newest arrivals, to our oldest friends. Ex-Sub Zero crew included.

Sub Zero was never for profit. If we had wanted to earn a paycheck, we would have allowed massive genre swings, dancers, strippers, camping, and more. However, there comes a time when one has to evaluate the hours spent in Second Life and the reward. Often, I would spend 8 hours a day, in addition to my Real Life Job, to help make this place what it was intended to be. Three years later, one becomes exhausted, and a very hard decision has to  be made, no matter how sad of a decision it is.

As owners, we have always allowed our staff to put Real Life first, over their responsibilities and schedules in Second Life. Three years later, it is with regret that it is the owners turn now. Our real life is too pressing at the moment to give you all what you deserve. And we are truly sorry for that.

Perhaps, one day, Sub Zero will be back. Anything is possible. If not, then I truely hope you all remember the fun, the good times, and ALWAYS remember the music.

Sub Zero’s last day was Sunday, April 5, 2009.

Its time to call all ships to port.

With the most heartfelt affection,
Kaetzchen Dieffenbach and Dexter Benedek

All rights/copyrights/content will remain in the explicit ownership of Second Life avatars Kaetzchen Dieffenbach and Dexter Benedek. Violators will be subject to copyright infringement laws. All content of Sub Zero remains the explicit content of Sub Zero, including, but not limited to, Gestures, Trademark, Names, DJ & Host applications, virtual signs/textures/and other Sub Zero related content.

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~ Live Event ~ Sub Zero Presents Blood For Eve! Saturday, Dec 20th 11am-12noon SLT!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on December 19, 2008

“Blood for Eve ist eine Darkwave / Gothic-Band mit Rockigen und Elektronischen Elementen.

Gegruendet wurde die Band im Jahre 2003 von Roland ‘Eve’ Bies, um niedergeschriebenen Worten eine weitere ausdrucksform zu geben. So merkt man z.B. am Rythmus und der Instrumentierung der verschiedenen Songs, in welcher Stimmung sich Eve gerade beim Texten befunden hat.

Egal ob in Resignierenden Liedern wie ‘Dead Angel Love’ oder in rauheren, schnelleren
Songs wie ‘Colorblind’, bis hin zu melancholischen Texten, welche sich in ‘My Tears to Heaven’
wiederspiegeln. Stets sind wir bemüht ein Gefuehl zu vermitteln.

Und Gefuehl ist der oberste Grund, ueberhaupt Musik zu machen.

Noch schoener ist es natuerlich, wenn man vielleicht jemandem zeigen kann, das er mit
einer Situation nicht alleine dasteht. Die Songs (und Texte) sind ehrlich, was vielleicht auch ein Grund dafuer ist, das es noch nicht so viele davon zu hoeren gibt. Wir nehmen uns das recht, einen Song zu bringen, wenn es an der Zeit ist, und nicht, wenn es ein Label so moechte.

Dies bezueglich, da wir ‘frei’ sind, ist auch die Musik frei. Das heisst, man kann sie downloaden, brennen, weitergeben und kopieren sooft man moechte. Ebenso darf jeder DJ sie spielen wenn er Lust dazu hat. Egal ob in einem Webradio oder einer Party”


“Blood for Eve” is a Darkwave/Gothic band with a touch of Rock and Electro.

Founded in 2003 by Roland “Eve” Bies, their mission was to create an advanced way of expression of written words. Rhythm and choice of instruments in various tunes reflect Eve’s mood while creating the lyrics.

No matter if it’s about fatalistic tunes like “Dead Angel Love” or rougher, faster tunes like “Colorblind”, up to more melancholic lyrics, reflected by “My Tears to Heaven” – we are always committed to convey emotion.
Emotion is the main reason at all to make music.

Of course it is even better to show one thing: You might not be able to cope with a situation. But you are not alone.

The tunes (and the lyrics) are right out honest. Might be a reason that not so many of them are free to listen to yet. We claim the right to bring out a tune when it’s time for it. Not when a label likes to launch it.

Well, we are free. So also the music is free. Download, burn, transfer and copy it as often as you feel like. Any DJ should feel free to play it at any time. No matter if it’s web radio or any party.”

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“Itchy” – Shock Therapy Tribute with Per Anders Kurenbach (DJ TerenceTula) Nov 15th 3-6pm SLT (PST)

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on November 12, 2008

Gregory "Itchy" McCormick

Saturday, November 15th 3-6pm SLT (PST) DJ TerenceTula Torok (Per Anders Kurenbach) will be paying special tribute to Gregory “Itchy” McCormick of Shock Therapy who has sadly passed. DJ Terence will be performing not only Shock Therapy tunes, but some of Itchy’s favourite bands which he enjoyed. We will also be displaying photographs of Itchy, Shock Therapy, and also Itchy’s art work.

Sub Zero will also be accepting donations in Itchy’s memory, of which 100% will be dontated to “INNOCENT!”

The full announcement concerning the tragic death of Itchy can be found in our News section, located here:

If you cannot join us in Second Life, please feel welcome to tune in remotely to Sub Zero Radio. If you would like to donate directly to INNOCENT!, please visit their website at

Itchy Art 06

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Mode Zero – Sept 8, 2008 6pm-9pm SLT!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on September 3, 2008

And the events keep on coming! USA Head DJ Michael Cela presents Mode Zero! Three jam packed hours full of live covers and remixes of Depeche Mode

Click to Enter Sub Zero

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DJ Rave & Remix Event!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on August 28, 2008

This just in! Friday, August 29, 2008, DJ Rave Bourne, will be coming to you LIVE from the Netherlands from 12-3pm SLT and he will be holding a special Remix event at the one and only Sub Zero!

Expect Remixes of Electro, EBM, Industrial and Trace for a smashing 3 torpedo filled hours! This Dutch Master DJ will be taking requests, just make sure it is a remix tribute!

Catch the ride, and also be sure to check us out online on our website and also Sub Zero Radio 24/7!

DJ Rave & Sub Zero

DJ Rave & Sub Zero

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Return of the Tard! DJ Mortique & 1,000L!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on August 2, 2008

The return of the Tard! DJ Mortique @ Sub Zero – August 23rd, 9pm – 12midnight SLT!

The Return of the Tard!

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Sub Zero Schedule

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on August 2, 2008

Click here for the Sub Zero Schedule

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Sub Zero Radio

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on August 2, 2008

Sub Zero Radio is live 24/7, whether you are at Sub Zero in Second Life, or hanging on the internet.

Click to Listen to Sub Zero Radio!

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