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EBM / Industrial / Electronic Club located within Second Life

Performers / Artists

We thought it might be nice to “showcase” some of our crew who are music professionals in, as we like to say, “Real Life”, being out side of Second Life. At Sub Zero, we are very proud of those who make us what were are, and also bring in a variety of new vibrations to the tin can and Sub Zero Radio.

DJ Mortique
Location: USA, Detriot
A computer, lots of MIDI controllers, a MC-505, and various stringed instruments… otherwise known as bad ass! Seriously, check him out… He also sings if you give him enough rum…

DJ TerenceTula Torok (Per-Anders Kurenbach) and Yvy Demina
Location: Germany (Label & Studio) Per’s MySpace Cyan’s MySpace Yvy Demina’s MySpace / Band Space Side project Shock Therapy’s MySpace Eternal Afflict’s MySpace

Per-Anders is an artist for electronic music, songwriter and producer. He started doing his own compositions in 1984. Here is a list of bands/projects he joined during the past years:

1990-1995 The Chopz (Organ-Noise-Punk-Music)
1993-1995 The Other Side (Trip-Hop/Synthpop)
1995-2000 PSYCHE (Synth-Pop/EBM)
2000-2007 Prevention Of Disharmony (Drum-n-Bass/Elektro)
2002-2007 The Spook (Graverock/Punk)
2004-2006 PSYCHE (new album and gigs)
2006- Present CYAN Inc. (EBM/Industrial/TripHop)
2007- Present Yvy Demina (Electro/Trip-Hop/Breakbeat)
Since 2006 on call for the Electropunk band Shock Therapy
He made several remixes for other electronic bands like SHARON NEXT, dAVOS, PSYCHE, etc. under the project “Prevention Of Disharmony”. Per-Anders also started a project with his wife, called “Yvy Demina”in 2007. Since 2006, Per-Anders is a member and music composer of the band CYAN Inc. with singer Cyan (Eternal Afflict) and drummer Chains (The Spook).

DJ Seventh Magpie / Blue Sky Alive
Location: Pittsburgh, USA Official MySpace
Described best as Electronica, down-tempo, ambient, and “music for obsessive thinkers”

DJ Alexei Beaumont (Thierry Wathelet) & Planets Citizens
Location: Belgium Official Website Official MySpace Facebook Page Planets Citizens Music Planets Citizens Radio blog
“In December 1999, I created the Planets Citizens. It’s a musical project based on electronic music. I’m a musician and a composer. My styles are: ambient, soundtracks, electro, electro-pop and old school new wave. I’d like to have guests from all over the world : singers, musicians, story tellers… But the music is just a vehicle, a way to meet people from different cultures but with a similar naive goal : to build a better world where music is the link between the individuals.” – Alexei Beaumont

Shadowjack (Shane Semler)
Location: Italy

the_fall_of_man_magpie_cover_128I’m working on a new album called‭ “‬The Fall of Man/Groovefuct,‭” ‬a two-part album.‭ “‬The Fall of Man‭” ‬half is a six song concept piece and is nearly complete.‭ ‬I am making both halves available for free in high quality‭ ‬320‭ ‬kbps mp3‭ ‬format.‭ ‬Every week I will post a new song for you to download and enjoy,‭ ‬along with the separate audio tracks for remixing.‭ ‬Once I get enough songs,‭ ‬I’ll call it an album and sell a hard copy‭ (‬CD and maybe even vinyl,‭ ‬if possible‭) ‬of the collected songs‭ ‬-‭ ‬but the digital songs will remain free.‭ ‬I’ve released‭ ‬5‭ ‬songs already so those just coming in can get a‭ ‬20+‭ ‬minute chunk of new music without waiting‭! “‬The Fall of Man/Groovefuct‭” ‬is released under a Creative Commons share-alike license so people can remix and trade it.‭ ‬Read updates about the making of the album and download the high quality mp3s at my website:‭ http://shad‬

Shadowjack is a music project created by Shane Semler. His main influences are Doom/Sludge/Stoner-Metal and Coldwave/Industrial.‭ ‬Throw in some Shoegazer,‭ ‬Ambient,‭ ‬Drone,‭ ‬Trip-Hop and Goth for good measure.‭ ‬He occasionally plays live in Second Life and is hoping to play some real-life shows in the near future.  shadowjack_promo_01a_240x320

You can download many of his songs for free and stay informed about what he’s doing at these URLs:


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