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Posted by uastis on March 12, 2009

Once again Dj Andy has set up an event for us.  On saturday march 14th he’ll play the finest darkwave and gothic rock tunes just for you!

Heavy-Current, All:My:Faults, Blutengel, Samsas Traum, Kontrast, requests(they make him purrr) and alot more!

So don’t miss this journey with Sub Zero and its crew!



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Posted by uastis on February 23, 2009

Once again dj Andreas Defiant has a special event, A gothic Nightmare, where he will spoil you with the finest gothic rock and darkwave tunes! Zeromancer, Diary of Dreams, All:My:Faults, Eisbrecher, Unheilig, remixes, requests(they make him purrr)and alot more!

There’s also contest: Evilest Dark Mage will win atleast 500L$ and a gift from Amberdragon Designs!

So go dark, go to SUB ZERO!


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Posted by uastis on February 11, 2009

During the Happy F@#*ing Valentine night dj Sky Broome will be having a Dark Wedding event. She’ll play songs for a dying wedding and that crazy thing called love. Gene Loves Jezabel, Nine Inch Nails, DeVision, Apoptygma Beserk, Velevet Acid Christ, Blutengel, Clan of Xymox,requests and ALOT more!
But omg, the event is without a bride and groom! So it’s up to you to make sure that the wedding event is complete! Put on your darkest wedding attire and dance at SUB ZERO.
You could win atleast 1000L$ when you’re wearing the best dark wedding costume!


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Posted by uastis on February 8, 2009

February 14th should be the day of love and mushyness but not at SUB ZERO! Everyone’s celebrating love and togetherness but what about the lonely and broken hearts or the people who just don’t like all this lovey dovey crap? Well at SUB ZERO you’ll fit right in because we’re having a HAPPY F@#*ING VALENTINES event!

Dj Andreas will kick off the event 9am-12pm SLT with his SONGS OF HATE. He’ll be throwing the meanest, baddest EBM, industrial and darkwave tunes at you! Colony 5, Grendel, Hocico, Wynardtage, requests(they make him purr!) and alot more!

There’s also a contest: darkest, loneliest creature from hell wins atleast 500L$!

So put on your darkest demonic clothes and say HAPPY F@#*ing VALENTINES at SUB ZERO!



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Posted by uastis on January 21, 2009

SUB ZERO’s own wonderful djane SKY BROOME will be entertaining us again this evening. Not just with her sexy British accent but also with the finest tunes of 3 big performers: Girls under Glass, Gary Numan and Covenant!
If this isn’t enough we’ll be having a contest as well: Best in 3 colours male and female, the winners will get atleast a 1000L$ each!

Need me to tell you more..don’t think so. Start the weekend right, start it at SUB ZERO!

Cya ^_^

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DJ Cat Andreas – Dark Christmas Event! 12-3pm SLT + Contest!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on December 20, 2008


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~ Live Event ~ Sub Zero Presents Blood For Eve! Saturday, Dec 20th 11am-12noon SLT!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on December 19, 2008

“Blood for Eve ist eine Darkwave / Gothic-Band mit Rockigen und Elektronischen Elementen.

Gegruendet wurde die Band im Jahre 2003 von Roland ‘Eve’ Bies, um niedergeschriebenen Worten eine weitere ausdrucksform zu geben. So merkt man z.B. am Rythmus und der Instrumentierung der verschiedenen Songs, in welcher Stimmung sich Eve gerade beim Texten befunden hat.

Egal ob in Resignierenden Liedern wie ‘Dead Angel Love’ oder in rauheren, schnelleren
Songs wie ‘Colorblind’, bis hin zu melancholischen Texten, welche sich in ‘My Tears to Heaven’
wiederspiegeln. Stets sind wir bemüht ein Gefuehl zu vermitteln.

Und Gefuehl ist der oberste Grund, ueberhaupt Musik zu machen.

Noch schoener ist es natuerlich, wenn man vielleicht jemandem zeigen kann, das er mit
einer Situation nicht alleine dasteht. Die Songs (und Texte) sind ehrlich, was vielleicht auch ein Grund dafuer ist, das es noch nicht so viele davon zu hoeren gibt. Wir nehmen uns das recht, einen Song zu bringen, wenn es an der Zeit ist, und nicht, wenn es ein Label so moechte.

Dies bezueglich, da wir ‘frei’ sind, ist auch die Musik frei. Das heisst, man kann sie downloaden, brennen, weitergeben und kopieren sooft man moechte. Ebenso darf jeder DJ sie spielen wenn er Lust dazu hat. Egal ob in einem Webradio oder einer Party”


“Blood for Eve” is a Darkwave/Gothic band with a touch of Rock and Electro.

Founded in 2003 by Roland “Eve” Bies, their mission was to create an advanced way of expression of written words. Rhythm and choice of instruments in various tunes reflect Eve’s mood while creating the lyrics.

No matter if it’s about fatalistic tunes like “Dead Angel Love” or rougher, faster tunes like “Colorblind”, up to more melancholic lyrics, reflected by “My Tears to Heaven” – we are always committed to convey emotion.
Emotion is the main reason at all to make music.

Of course it is even better to show one thing: You might not be able to cope with a situation. But you are not alone.

The tunes (and the lyrics) are right out honest. Might be a reason that not so many of them are free to listen to yet. We claim the right to bring out a tune when it’s time for it. Not when a label likes to launch it.

Well, we are free. So also the music is free. Download, burn, transfer and copy it as often as you feel like. Any DJ should feel free to play it at any time. No matter if it’s web radio or any party.”

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DJane Sky Broome – Gothic Dark Angel Event – Dec. 20th from 9am – 11am SLT! And Contest!

Posted by Kätzchen Dieffenbach on December 19, 2008

Have we got some British Christmas candy for you! DJane Sky Broome will play the finest 80’s Gothic tunes for you while you can wear your prettiest (or sexiest!) dark angel costume! She is always taking requests so be sure to bring those as well!

There’s a contest, too! Best male and female dark angel and the winners will get atleast 1000L$ each!!


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